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2913 Lackland Rd Suite 101

Fort Worth, Texas 76116

Fax: (817) 416-9677

Our Services

R. E. Cupp Construction has been performing excavation, demolition, and soil stabilization in North Texas since 1985.  With an Emphasis on Quality, R.E. Cupp ensures each project will be completed with care and precision.

No job is too big or too small -- we work on sites anywhere from ½ an acre 100+ acres.  No matter the size, our dedicated team of field personnel and office staff will thoroughly scope and execute each phase of construction with unmatched precision.  Each project  is carefully managed by team members who review every last detail to ensure the correct equipment and procedures are in coordination for your overall construction plan.  Projects include Retail Centers, Gas Stations, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Distribution Centers, Parking Garages, Land Clearing,  Oil /Gas Pads and Pond Construction.

Soil Stabilization

R. E. Cupp Construction stabilizes millions of square feet of subgrade every year with lime, cement, and other soil stabilizing chemicals.  The long-term performance of any construction project is highly dependent on the integrity of the underlying soils.  On-site soils with high levels of clay or silt are more susceptible to expansion when wet and shrinkage when dry.  Lime treatment provides a substantial improvement to the stability, impermeability, and load-bearing capacity of the subgrade.  Our experienced crews are able to maximize productivity while ensuring that the finish grading of the stabilized soils exceed our client’s expectations.

R.E. Cupp Construction provides our clients with value engineering recommendations during the preliminary stages of the project design.   Our estimating team and executive leadership stand out from the pack with our attention to detail and the collective industry knowledge to back it up .  In our experience, this cooperation in the design phase leads to lower overall project costs and less headaches for our clients.  Our office staff and survey crews can provide a topographical drawing, grading plan, and a realistic budget price in two or three days instead of waiting two or three weeks for civil drawings.

2913 Lackland Rd Suite 101 Fort Worth, Texas 76116

Fax: (817) 416-9677
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