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2913 Lackland Rd Suite 101

Fort Worth, Texas 76116

Fax: (817) 416-9677

Our Technology

At R.E. Cupp Construction we strive to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Technology is a major factor when delivering a quality project on schedule. By investing in Topcon's 3D GPS grade control system we have been able to remain on the forefront in our industry. With the TopCon 3D GPS system, precise grading of a site is faster, safer, more efficient and more predictable.  Adapting to innovative technology has allowed R.E. Cupp Construction to increase efficiency while maintaining our reputation of reliability.  


The TopCon 3D GPS system is a revolutionary earth-moving grade control system that puts design surfaces, grades, and alignments inside the cab at the operator’s fingertips. The GPS system gives our operators the ability to achieve grade in fewer passes, resulting in better machine utilization, fewer hours per volume of earth moved, equating to lower fuel and maintenance cost. Operators know exactly where they are on the site and what needs to be done simply by viewing their on-board monitor. The operator grades the site to within 2”-3” manually and can then switch the machine to automatic grade control. The operator controls the machine’s direction while the automatic grade control makes all vertical adjustments.


The 3D GPS system enables operators to perform bulk earthwork in an almost stake-less environment. In addition, since we do not need as many stakes, we eliminate some of the dangers associated with placing surveyors and grade checkers in the traffic of busy earth-moving projects. This system allows us to improve the quality of our product, decrease risk of injury, as well as cut down on costs that transfer to our customers.   By utilizing this technology we can deliver a more affordable and faster product without sacrificing quality.

2913 Lackland Rd Suite 101 Fort Worth, Texas 76116

Fax: (817) 416-9677
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